This is based on a little boy I knew when working in nursery last year.


He pretends he is a dinosaur

It’s the only word he knows

He bends his fingers into claws

And wrinkles up his nose


He bends his knees and stamps his feet

His head swivels left to right

He loves to bare his pointy teeth

And roar with all his might


He loves nothing more than stomping

Up and down the corridor

We ask him what he’s playing

His reply is: Dinosaur


We worry for his progress

We worry for his speech

We talk to mum and rack our brains

We do our best to teach


And soon enough he begins to talk

He starts playing different games

He begins to talk to other children

He becomes fascinated by trains


We soon forget our t-rex worries

Amidst the sand, blocks, and sticks

There’s always a child who’s dripping wet

Or another who spits and kicks


But one day I do a double take

It was him I’m pretty sure

Looking in the mirror

His mouth a silent roar

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